Hurricane Insurance Claims

Information from Hurricane Lawyers, New Orleans, Louisiana

Hurricanes can be devastating to your home or business. Your livelihood or the place you live is damaged or destroyed, and you may have lost all of your personal belongings. On top of everything, you now have to go through the slow and often frustrating process of filing your storm damage claim with your insurance company.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are notorious for underpaying on hurricane claims. Due to the high cost of repairing a home or business that has suffered storm damage, insurance companies have every incentive to underestimate your claim. If your insurance claims adjuster is not returning your calls, refusing to pay for all of your property damage, or telling you that you need to fill out endless forms in order to get the money that you deserve, you should hire a hurricane damage attorney to handle your claim.

Louisiana law requires insurance companies to treat the insured home owner or business owner fairly when evaluating a claim for hurricane damage. If your insurance company has treated you unfairly, bad faith penalties may be imposed, and you may have a legal claim worth up to three times the amount it would take to repair your original hurricane damage. Already, hundreds of homeowners have hired hurricane damage attorneys to fight for their rights in resolving their Hurricane Isaac claim.

What Insurance Companies Will Do to Undervalue or Minimize Your Hurricane Claim

There are many things that an insurance adjuster can do in an attempt to pay you less than you deserve for your flood or wind damage claim. If you have ever had to negotiate with a flood or wind damage claim insurance adjuster, you may have heard the following:

  • “You only need to repair patches or portions of your roof.”
  • “Your deductible is higher than the cost of repairing your actual damage.”
  • “Your interior damage was caused by faulty maintenance or preexisting damage.”
  • “You did not pay your premium on time, so you have no coverage.”
  • “Your insurance coverage lapsed.”
  • “Your contents list does not provide us with enough information to adjust your loss.”
  • “A flood caused your damage, not wind, and we do not pay for flood damage.”
  • “Wind caused your damage, not flood, and we do not pay for wind.”
  • “The water level during the flood did not exceed 4 feet, so we will not pay for anything on the second story of your home.”

A hurricane lawyer can help you address all of these issues. Your claims adjuster may have made a mistake in estimating your hurricane damage loss, or may be interpreting your insurance policy incorrectly. Your claims adjuster does not have the final say on your claim. A hurricane attorney can help you seek fair compensation for your hurricane damage to your home or business.