After an Auto Accident: Steps You Always Want to Follow

With thousands of drivers on the road every day in the average American city, the odds of encountering a negligent driver is unfortunately high. In fact, it is estimated by the National Safety Council (NSC) and other vehicle safety groups that about 12% of all drivers don’t even have adequate car insurance and/or a current driver’s license. The reality is that you are likely to one day get into an auto accident that is not your fault.

While you can’t predict when you will get into a crash due to another driver’s mistakes, you can plan for the crash ahead of time. Knowing what to do immediately after a traffic collision will help you build a viable and convincing injury claim later.

Steps to Always Follow After an Auto Accident

Call for help: If your accident is serious enough to cause an injury or significant vehicular damage, you need to call 911 to get emergency responders on the scene. Firefighters help extract people from damaged vehicles, paramedics address urgent injuries, and police officers clear traffic away from the scene.

Choose your words carefully: Do not apologize to anyone at the scene of the crash. Insurance companies are notorious for twisting apologies into admissions of guilt later, meaning you could say “I’m sorry” and it somehow raises your own liability.

Take photographs: If you are in any condition to do so, start taking pictures of the accident scene with your smartphone. The more pictures you get, the better your case will be, as concrete evidence speaks strongly to insurance companies and juries alike. You need photographs of both vehicles, all injuries, the surrounding environment like tire marks on the road, nearby traffic signals and signs, and the weather.

Talk to bystanders: If anyone has stopped to try to lend a hand after your crash, then do not hesitate to ask them if they saw how the accident happened. Ask them to write down a testimonial of what they saw if it seems like it can help your claim. You can ask them to text or email you their testimonials when pen and paper is unavailable.

Get official records: You can talk to any firefighters, paramedics, and police officers who arrive to the scene of your auto accident about getting copies of their official records and reports. The word of a law enforcement officer, for example, is more difficult to refute than the average passerby, further strengthening your claim.

See a doctor: In case you have not gotten emergency medical attention after your crash, arrange to see your doctor the same day by going into your urgent care center. Your doctor can ensure there are no severe underlying injuries. Additionally, your liability for your injuries will increase if you don’t see a medical professional soon after a crash.

Speak with an attorney: Call an auto accident attorney as soon as you have an opportunity, hopefully within the first two hours after your crash. Many people choose to talk with an injury lawyer ever before calling their own insurance company so they know what to say to their insurer. Your attorney can help you start creating your claim with the insight of a professional.

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