New Orleans Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Were you injured in a multi-vehicle crash?

Being involved in a multi-vehicle accident not only causes one to lose control in the accident itself, but insurance companies can take longer determining the cause and who is responsible for damages, only magnifying the complexity of the case.

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Mechanics of a Multi-Vehicle Crash

A multi-vehicle crash is a type of auto accident involving not two, but many vehicles. Such accidents typically occur on high-density traffic areas and on high-speed routes such as freeways; they are one of the most deadly forms of auto accidents.

Multi-vehicle crashes, or "pile-ups" frequently occur in low-visibility or hazardous conditions, particularly when drivers on freeways drive too closely to the vehicle in front after failing to adjust to the road conditions, whether such conditions involve 5:00 traffic, construction, black ice, road hazards, heavy rain, or fog.

Chain Reaction Crashes & Physics

Due to the high speeds involved in chain-reaction crashes, if one car has a problem and suddenly slams on the brakes, or departs from its lane, those behind or next to the car cannot stop in time to avoid a collision – it's physics.

Considering that certain roads and highways have high traffic volumes, multiple cars can be forced to brake, skid, and dart into other lanes in the pathway of oncoming traffic, thereby causing even more vehicles to be involved.

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While the majority of personal injury cases settle outside of court, if the insurance company fails to agree to a reasonable settlement, we are not afraid to take your case to trial.

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